Career Prospect Excursion 2023: Munich

On this year´s career VDSP prospect excursion to Munich and its surroundings, we had the opportunity to visit world-class industry facilities and research centers.

Our visit to Infineon Technologies offered us an insight into life at a big company. There, we visited the Failure Analysis department and saw a wide range of experimental techniques - from ultrasonic flaw inspection to transmission electron microscopy - and their utility to ensure the best quality of products to even the most demanding of clients.

We had a wonderful time the next day at TOPTICA Photonics, a company that has been growing a lot in the last few years! There, we were able to see how the laser systems that many of us use in our research are designed and assembled. We all enjoyed chatting with members of the TOPTICA team and listening to their academia-to-industry stories.

During the evening of our second day, we all enjoyed a visit to the amazing Deutsches Museum, where we could only wish for more time to cover all that there is to see.

To end our excursion, we visited three groups associated to the International Max Planck Research School for Quantum Science and Technology (IMPRS-QST). There, we were able to discuss with fellow PhD students about their research on topics such as ultracold molecules, nitrogen vacancy centers for quantum sensing, and quantum dots.

We hope this excursion was useful to all the attendees,  and that it helped to explore new options for their upcoming professional career.

by Bruno Ramirez