Student-led activities

Journal clubs and student societies are entirely student-led.

Are you interested in reading, critically analysing and debating scientific articles on a regular basis, together with your fellow VDSP students? Let us know via in case you would like to have your journal club listed on this website.

Student societies are informal initiatives beyond the PhD curriculum and aim to connect PhD students from various research areas.

Board Game Society

The Board game society meets regularly to play various board games. It is also a perfect opportunity to get to know other VDSP students. If you want to join please contact: 

Running Society

If you are interested in joining a weekly running meet-up, please write an e-mail to:

Volleyball Society

The Volleyball society invites you to play beach volleyball with us. We meet every second week for 2 hours on the beautiful Danube island on the sand courts. So, if besides studying physics you want to do some sports and make contacts with people around then you are much welcome in our club. In case you want to join please contact:

Meetings Journal Club/Society
07 March Board game society
20 March Board game society
04 April Board game society
18 April Board game society
02 May Board game society
16 May Board game society
30 May Board game society
06 June Board game society
20 June Board game society