If you desire to advance science and your career to the next level, the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics welcomes you with support, training, mentoring and networking opportunities on your way to a PhD in physics.

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At universities all over Europe, doctoral schools have proven successful in offering the best possible support to doctoral candidates by providing an...


We are offering 23 PhD positions in a large diversity of research fields.


The award is presented annually by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.


The new Christian Doppler laboratory for optical quantum computers has opened on 4 September. Headed by VDSP faculty member Philip Walther,...


The VDSP allocates mobility fellowships in the amount of EUR 6,000.00 to selected VDSP students.


The recent contribution “Quantum-assisted diamagnetic deflection of molecules” by Markus Arndt and the Molecular Quantum Optics and Quantum...

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