DocSchools meet...

VDS students engage with high-profile decision-makers and innovators of other fields of science, the private sector, politics or arts in a discussion forum. This event enables exchange in a casual atmosphere, shaped by and for the VDS students to raise awareness for societal challenges and opportunities.

It is jointly organized, attended and moderated by students of the VDSP and the Vienna School of Mathematics.

Upcoming event: 28 November 2023.

Lunch meetings

Do you want to meet up with your fellow VDSP students? Do you have ideas for VDSP activities? Do you want to get involved in shaping VDSP events? Do you have any questions on your life as a VDSP student?

Christiane, Julia and your VDSP student representatives invite you to converse about VDSP matters at the monthly Coffee/Lunch Meetings.

Science Day

The Science Day is a networking opportunity for all members of the Faculty of Physics.

VDSP students introduce their peers to their research area as a whole and to their particular research projects. These highlight talks are complemented by poster presentations and a social programme.

Upcoming event: Tue, 17 Oct. 

Physics Colloquium

The Physics Colloquium is a series of public lectures hosted by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna, featuring internationally renowned speakers covering the full breadth of our fields of research.

The goal of these Colloquia is to bring together the entire Faculty, including students, to foster our spirit of community and promote a stimulating exchange of ideas from the cutting edge of science.

Upcoming events: The current programme can be found here.

Schools and Academies

The VDSP Academies provide a platform for international and local students in their late BSc or early MSc studies to dvelve into topical advances in physical sciences presented by VDSP Faculty Members.

More on the VDSP Academy 2023

The VDSP Schools connect PhD students with internationally renowned experts. We particularly encourage hands-on formats to complement the keynote lectures.

More on the VDSP School 2022


VDSP Retreats are a networking opportunity for all members of the VDSP.

During several days with talks and discussions, the annual retreats connect our students and faculty with accomplished scientists from respective fields.

Upcoming event: summer 2024