MSc Fellowships

The MSc fellowships offered by the VDSP supports gifted and motivated candidates in the research phase of their MSc study programme who intend to write a Master thesis under supervision of a VDSP Faculty member and who have the potential to continue their career as a PhD student in the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics.

The recipients of the MSc Fellowships will receive a 10h/week work contract for a duration of 12 months. During this time, MSc fellows shall focus on their scientific specialisation and project work to the best of their capabilities. The VDSP expects the MSc thesis to be submitted by the end of the contract.

Important dates and deadlines - Msc Fellowship
18 March 2024Announcement of MSc projects

15 April noon, CET

Application deadline for VDSP MSc Fellowships

Mid May 2024

VDSP office communicates decisions on VDSP MSc Fellowships to applicants

1 October 2024Start of the VDSP MSc Fellowship
30 September 2025End of the VDSP MSc Fellowship


For incoming students who can start directly with the MSc research phase, information on dates and deadlines concerning the admission to the MSc programme at the University of Vienna can be found following this LINK.