Master Fellows

Gravitational Physics

  • Mario Hudelist
    Curvature-Induced Corrections to Rytov's Law in Optical Fibers
    Piotr Chruściel

Particle Physics

  • Maximilian Fahrecker
    Project: Dark state pair-production in underground accelerators and their detection
    Supervisor: Josef Pradler

Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information

  • Florian Fechtel
    Project: Rotational Optomechanics and Cooling
    Supervisor: Markus Arndt
  • Simon Steiner
    Project: Quantum Edge Computing in Space
    Supervisors: Philip Walther, Iris Agresti
  • Milán Ádám Rozmán
    Project: Matrix Product State Models
    Supervisor: Norbert Schuch