Research at the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics

The VDSP welcomes you to a vibrant community of 47 research groups, covering the full breadth of research in experimental, theoretical and computational physics, in condensed matter and materials science, quantum optics, quantum nanophysics and information science, particle and high energy physics, gravitational and mathematical physics as well as isotope research and aerosol physics.


Abert Claas - Magnetic Simulation
Arndt Markus - Quantum Nanophysics and Molecular Quantum Optics
Aspelmeyer Markus - Quantum Foundations & Quantum Information on the Nano- & Microscale
Ayala Paola - Taylored Hybrid Structures
Brukner Caslav - Quantum foundations and quantum information theory
Carqueville Nils - Mathematical Physics
Cerbino Roberto - Experimental Soft Matter
Chruściel Piotr - Gravitational Physics
Chumak Andrii - Nanomagnetism and Magnonics
Dakic Borivoje - Operational quantum information
Dellago Christoph - Computational Statistical Mechanics
Dobrovolskiy Oleksandr - Magnetism in curvilinear geometries
Fajman David - Geometric analysis and gravitation
Fally Martin - Holography and Neutron Optics
Franchini Cesare - Quantum Materials & Quantum Modelling
Fredenhagen Stefan - Mathematical Physics
Golser Robin - Isotope Research and Nuclear Physics
Heckl Oliver - Optical Frequency Combs and their Application
Hiesmayr Beatrix C. - Quantum Particles at High and Low Energies
Hoang André - Particle Physics
Hopf Martin - Basic Experimental Physics Training and University Didactics
Huber Marcus - Quantum Information and Thermodynamics
Juffmann Thomas - Quantum Imaging and Biophysics
Kantorovich Sofia - Dipolar Soft Matter
Kiesel Nikolai - Stochastic and Quantum Thermodynamics with Levitated Nanoparticles
Kotakoski Jani - Nanostructured and novel materials
Kresse Georg - Computational Materials Physics
Lang Wolfgang - Superconductivity
Likos Christos - Soft Matter Theory and Simulation
Peterlik Herwig - Dynamics of Condensed Systems
Pichler Thomas - Low Dimensional Quantum Solids
Procura Massimiliano - Particle Physics
Rentenberger Christian - Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials
Schafler Erhard - Nanostructured Materials
Schranz Wilfried - Physics of Functional Materials
Schuch Norbert - Quantum Information and Quantum Many-Body Physics
Sepiol Bogdan - Dynamics of Condensed Systems
Susi Toma - Single-atom manipulation
Süss Dieter - Physics of Functional Materials
Tröster Andreas - Computational approaches to phase transitions
von Lilienfeld Anatole - Computational Materials Discovery
Waitz Thomas - Phase transformation in Nanomaterials
Waltenberger Wolfgang - CMS Physics Analysis
Walther Philip - Quantum Information Science and Quantum Computation
Weinzierl Bernadett - Aerosol physics and environmental physics
Widmann Eberhard - Hyperfine Structure of Antihydrogen
Winkler Paul - Aerosol Nanoparticle Formation