Mission Statement

The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics is the structured Physics doctoral programme at the University of Vienna. 

Our mission is to 

  • Stimulate a spirit of excellence in research, studies and teaching,
  • Strengthen synergies and collaboration among the doctoral candidates,
  • Organize student selection, support and mentoring.

VDSP students

  • Work at the forefront of fundamental science and physical technology,
  • Enjoy comprehensive teaching, monitoring and advisory programme,
  • Are usually paid employees in their research groups,
  • Benefit from support for subsistence, scientific travel, networking and in outreach activities,
  • Are supported as future leaders in science, technology and society through career development training.


To get an idea of what you can expect from our VDSP programme, some of our students and graduates share their thoughts with you:

Coming from outside of the University of Vienna, the VDSP allows me to connect with other doctoral students from the faculty. Frequent excursions and workshops on different topics give me a perspective on how to expand my skillset and how to use in a setting outside of my research. The travel grant allows me to travel internationally and present my research to the scientific community.

- Georg Zagler, student speaker 2020-2021

- Margaret Rosenberg, deputy student speaker 2020-2021

Being a member of VDSP has enriched my PhD experience by providing me with exciting workshops, travel opportunities and the chance to connect with fellow students. I very much appreciate the financial support of my mobility fellowship, which will allow me to spend a research stay abroad.

As a member of VDSP I had the opportunity to meet my peers outside my direct working group, which gave me a wider perspective on the activities of the Physics Faculty. I also appreciated the financial support through travel grants as well as the various scientific and social events offered by the VDSP.

- Yaakov Fein, graduated in May 2020

- Irati Alonso Calafell, graduated in June 2020

Thanks to the VDSP, I met students from different research fields, and started several interdisciplinary collaborations. The travelling grants allowed me to travel without limitations to share my work around the world. In addition, the various VDSP activities, such as the excursions, gave me the opportunity to see the application of science outside University, and showed me the possible future career paths.