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[Peterlik Group] VDS fellow Katharina Prochazka and Gero Vogl from the University of Vienna have studied why language shift happens using the example...


This one-day workshop focuses on honing the skills and mastering the techniques to visualize experimental set-ups and facilities and research results...

09.02.2017 11:00

The first retreat for the VDS fellows took place in the Kranabethütte. A hut located in Upperaustria, 1530m above see-level.


01.02.2017 08:30

On the 1st of February a group of 11 VDS fellows will travel to Munich for a museum guided tour and business visit!


On 26 January 2017 the VDS-P event "Physics Meets: Science and the Public" takes starting from 17:00 onwards in the Schrödinger Lecture Hall at the...


In support of the VDSP fellows who want to visit a conference which contributes to their research process, the VDSP opens the application process for...

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