Application procedure PhD positions

  1. Check the open PhD positions, offered by VDSP Faculty Members.
  2. All application material must be submitted electronically via our online application system. Since admission to the VDSP is competitive, incomplete applications cannot be considered. Please note that you can no longer edit your application after submission.
  3. Lettes of recommendation are to be sent directly by the issuer to vds-physics[at] and are accepted up until 7 days after the submission of the application. Please note that it is the applicants' responsibility to inform their academic advisors about the deadlines and submission procedure of the recommendation letter!
  4. The VDSP office will forward your application, as well as the letters of recommendation, to the researchers you selected as potential supervisors of your PhD.
  5. Application documents are reviewed by the addressed VDSP Faculty member(s). The VDSP strives to respond to complete applications as soon as possible. Please contact us, if you have not received a reply within 24 hours after the submission of your application.
  6. Applicants will be invited to an interview in a timely manner, should they be a good fit for the respective research group and project.
  7. The VDSP office will inform you about the outcome of the application process shortly after the VDSP Selection Committee has reached a decision.
  8. After a successful application, doctoral candidates have to get admitted to the Doctoral Study Programme in Physics at the University of Vienna. Further, we expect all doctoral candidates to sign the VDSP Code of Good Practice.
  9. Membership in the VDSP can be extended from 12 months up to three additional years upon approval of the doctoral research project's topic and the doctoral thesis agreement within the first 12 months after admission.