VDSP Academy 2023 "Matter Waves"

A comprehensive introduction: from electrons, over atoms and molecules to nanoparticles

2023 VDSP Summer School

© Universität Wien/Yaakov Fein

17 - 28 July 2023

Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna


In 2023 we are going to celebrate the centenary of Louis de Broglie’s revolutionary idea that all massive matter has to be described by quantum waves. This idea inspired Erwin Schrödinger to formulate his wave equation and it is at the heart of prominent and ubiquitous matter-wave research in Vienna, on systems as diverse as electrons, neutrons, atoms, degenerate atomic clouds, molecules, clusters, and nanoparticles. Today, matter-wave physics addresses the foundations of physics as well as applications in inertial sensing, precision measurement of fundamental constants, electron microscopy, molecule metrology, explorations of the limits of quantum physics or its interface to gravity theory, chemistry, and biology.

The VDSP Summer Academy wants to celebrate these achievements by introducing advanced bachelor and master students from all over the world to the timely topic of matter wave physics.

There are no registration fees. Limited travel support is available for non-local BSc and MSc students. Please note that we do not provide accomodation.

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Prof. Dr. Markus Arndt

© QNP, Universität Wien

The research of Markus Arndt (University of Vienna) is focused on universal matter-wave interferometry with atoms and macromolecules, from fullerenes, vitamins and polypeptides to organic and metallic clusters as well as dielectric nanoparticles. These experiments probe the limits of the quantum superposition principle, at the interface to both biomolecular chemistry and materials science. 



Prof. Dr. Philipp Haslinger

© Nicolas Weilguny

The research of Philipp Haslinger (TU Wien) is focused on developing novel tools for matter-wave optics with atoms and electrons to search e.g. for dark energy motivated 5th forces and novel inertial effects due to thermal radiation.



Prof. Dr. Thomas Juffmann

© private

His research interests lie in Interferometric Scattering Microscopy; Phase-, Fluorescence-, and Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy, Quantum/Cavity enhanced microscopy; Low damage electron microscopy; Ultrafast electron optics & optoelectronics; Quantum physics at mesoscopic scales & in biological systems.






    • History and introduction to wave optics
    • Coherence of matter-waves
    • Sensitivity limits in matter-wave interferometry

Electron matter-waves

    • Electron microscopy: theory, experiment
    • Frontiers of electron optics

Atom interferometry

    • Atomic physics – 2 level system
    • Cooling and trapping of atoms
    • Matter-wave optics for atoms
    • Atom interferometer schemes
    • Precision atom interferometry and its main systematic effects

Molecular matter-waves

    • Far-field diffraction of complex molecules
    • Near-field interferometry with macromolecules: theory, realization & applications
    • Biomolecular matter-waves

New avenues

    • Matter-waves, Decoherence & Macroscopicity
    • New avenues of nanoparticle interferometry
    • Exploring new avenues in matter-wave interferometry


09.00 - 10.30Lecture
10.30 - 11.00Coffee break
11.00 - 12.30Lecture
12.30 - 15.00Lunch break and preparation time for tutorial
15.00 - 16.30Tutorial


Social events will provide the opportunity of engaging in further conversations and fostering interactions between all participants of the VDSP Academy.


Please note that this is a public event. We reserve the right to take pictures for the purpose of publishing impressions of the event on the website. If you do not want to be in a picture please approach the organizers of the VDSP Academy anytime.


The VDSP Academy on Matter Waves is organized by the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP). We highly appreciate the financial support by the ESI.