Your benefits as a PhD student in VDSP

Physics at the University of Vienna offers some of the best research in the our fields: highly cited researchers, numerous ERC grant winners, outstanding specialists and widely visible generalists.
90% of all physics students in VDSP have a work contract throughout their doctoral research that allows comfortable living in one of the most insipring and livable cities in the world. This includes all regular Austrian benefits, from health insurance to social security. All supervisors in our team are commited to providing a safe and steady environment – which is the basis for top achievements in your focused research work.

For our foreign visitors this may come as a nice surprise: PhD students at the University of Vienna do not pay any tuition fee. If you are accepted as a PhD student you will be paid rather than that you pay for the excellent training opportunities we provide. Preparing the next generation of top talents for their future careers in science, society and industry is important and worth it.

We offer you integration into a thriving research community and support on many levels.
As a VDSP student, you are invited to engage in shaping a programme that benefits your professional and personal development. You can contribute to the planning and implementation of many VDSP activities and events.

VDSP promotes intra- and interdisciplinary exchange and networking, offers advanced courses and teaching opportunities, cultivates individual career development, fosters international mobility including secondments in academia and the private sector, and supports the dissemination and communication of your research.