VDSP Research Image Competition 2023


We invite all active VSDP students* to send us your visually most inspiring images related to your scientific activities.

The image could be

  • A visualized equation
  • A lab photo
  • A microscopy image
  • A sketch of your setup
  • A high-resolution simulation ...
  • ...any scientific artwork around your research

Please submit your image and the description (in English) by Wed, 13 Dec, 12:00 noon, via the online form below.

The images will be open for an online vote by all VDSP students and VDSP faculty between 14 Dec (morning) and 17 Dec (midnight).

At the Faculty meeting and Christmas party, 18 Dec, we will present the 10 most inspirational images and award the three prizes:

  • 1st place: 500EUR
  • 2nd place: 300EUR
  • 3rd place: 200EUR

Please note that if you are an employee of the University of Vienna, the award might be taxable and a small amount might be deduced from your prize.

The most inspiring images will also be printed in A0 and displayed in the faculty halls until the competition next year. 

When you submit your contribution, please

  • Add a short (3-4 lines) description of what the image shows and how it relates to your research.
  • If the image is AI modified or generated, explain this clearly and confirm that you have the rights to submit this image.
  • If the image depicts people other than yourself / yourselves, submit a statement by all persons that they agree to be on the photo with the rights mentioned below.


*Active VDSP students are students

  • Who are admitted to the doctoral study programme in Physics at the University of Vienna and
  • Who have validated their VDSP membership by signing the Code of Good Practice

**Please consult the Guidelines for "Dealing with AI in courses and exams" on the WIKI of the University of Vienna.