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Join the discussion with a researcher, a journalist, an EdTech-startup founder and a podcaster about the challenges of communicating science to a...


Times Higher Education Ranking has placed the University of Vienna on rank 10 of the most international universities in the world.


In her TEDx talk "Quantum - the power of the little things" former VDSP Mobility Fellow Irati Alonso Calafell shares her passion for the quantum world...


Congratulations to Dr. Valeria Saggio for winning the "Award of Excellence 2021" of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research for her...


Congratulations to our latest VDSP graduates on the successful defenses of their theses!


Iurii Chubak receives this year's Hans Thirring Prize for outstanding doctoral theses at the Faculty of Physics.

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Selected publications


Phys. Rev. Lett.: Kim et al.

Suppressed Fluctuations as the Origin of the Static Magnetic Order in Strained Sr2RuO4


J. Mater. Sci. Technol.: Edalati et al.

Impact of severe plastic deformation on kinetics and thermodynamics of hydrogen storage in magnesium and its alloys


N. Mater.: Frittoli et al.

Tissue fluidification promotes a cGAS–STING cytosolic DNA response in invasive breast cancer


Nat. Phys.: Pizzi et al.

Light emission from strongly driven many-body systems


Environ. Sci. Technol.: Wlasits et al.

Heterogeneous Nucleation of Supersaturated Water Vapor onto Sub-10 nm Nanoplastic Particles


SPS Commun.: Bertlmann

The Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022: Some personal memories

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