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Der Bank Austria Hauptpreis in der Höhe von 4.000 Euro geht 2022 an Valeria Saggio von der Quantenoptik, Quantennanophysik und Quanteninformation,...


Sebastian Falkner was awarded the prize for the best poster at the conference "Molecular Simulation 2022: Present, Past and Future".


Some VDSP Members participated in this year's career prospect excursion to Eindhoven, Netherlands, 20-22 June


Researchers around Toma Susi have succeeded in showing how the influence of atoms on the stability of a nanomaterial can be indirectly determined by...


Plenary Lecture & Get-together

in the framework of the Summer School Basic Aerosol Science

Monday, 11 July 2022, 17:15, Sky Lounge, 12th floor,...

Events at the Faculty of Physics

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Selected publications


Phys. Rev. Lett.: Ahmed et al.

Holographic Dual of Extended Black Hole Thermodynamics


Sep. Purif. Technol.: Santos et al.

Ultrathin membranes composed of branched polyethylenimine and poly[(o-cresyl glycidyl ether)-co-formaldehyde] for primary recovery of itaconic acid


Phys. Rev. Lett.: Renner et al.

Classical Cost of Transmitting a Qubit


Phys. Rev. Lett.: Lemos et al.

One-Photon Measurement of Two-Photon Entanglement


Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem.: Bowman et al.

Remembering the Work of Phillip L. Geissler: A Coda to His Scientific Trajectory


Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys.: Zöttl et al.

Modeling Active Colloids: From Active Brownian Particles to Hydrodynamic and Chemical Fields

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