If you desire to advance science and your career to the next level, the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics welcomes you with support, training, mentoring and networking opportunities on your way to a PhD in physics.

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A start-up, co-founded by a graduate of the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics, was listed as spin-off to watch by Forbes Magazine.


Artificial intelligence is part of our modern life by enabling machines to learn useful processes such as speech recognition and digital personal...


As Richard Feynman famously put it, "the double slit experiment is absolutely impossible to explain in any classical way and has in it the heart of...


Vienna quantum physicists measure the smallest gravitational force yet


We are offering 11 PhD positions in a large diversity of research fields.


On 11 Feb the "Scientists for Inclusion VDSP Journal Club" organizes a conference highlighting the "International Day of Women and Girls in Science".

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