Open Call for VDSP Mobility Fellowships


The VDSP allocates mobility fellowships in the amount of EUR 6,000.00 to selected VDSP students.

International travel to connect with inspiring and knowledgeable researchers is an important factor for the personal and career development of our doctoral candidates.

In particular, our students have profited from mid-term stays at Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT, University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University, ENS/Paris, Imperial College/London, University of Queensland, Oxford University, Ludwig Maximilians University/MPQ Garching and many more. 

Since the scope of the research projects, the scientific background and skills sets of the doctoral candidates in the VDSP programme are quite diverse, the VDSP allocates mobility fellowships in the amount of EUR 6,000.00 to selected VDSP students which they can freely distribute during their membership and spend on

  • Travel, accommodation and attendance costs for
    • Secondments to international research institutions and placements in the private sector,
    • Conferences,
    • Summer/Winter Schools,
  • Student specific research expenses.

Furthermore, all mobility fellows have the opportunity to take part in the research excursion taking place every two years.

Details on the application process can be found on the VDSP intranet.