Ivonne Elizabeth Ventura Rosales contributes with an article to magazine “CulturaLatina & Österreichische Kultur”


VDSP PhD student Ivonne Elizabeth Ventura Rosales, Spanish native speaker, presents the Faculty of Physics and its history in the bilingual Spanish-Austrian cultural magazine “CulturaLatina & Österreichische Kultur”.

In her article, Ivonne takes a look back at a long list of internationally renowned physicists who worked at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna and have contributed to its excellent reputation, among them Lise Meitner, Christian Doppler, Josef Loschmidt, Josef Stefan, Ernst Mach, Viktor Franz Hess, Erwin Schrödinger and Ludwig Boltzmann. The 17th issue of the magazine “CulturaLatina & Österreichische Kultur” that features this article can be purchased at larger kiosks and on the magazine’s website.