Impact.Award 2021 for Sarah Zlokilikovits


Sarah Zlokilikovits, a physics educational researcher, is one of 8 doctoral candidates of the University of Vienna to have been awarded the Impact.Award 2021 funded by the City of Vienna Cultura Affairs.

The Impact.Award 2021 funded by the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs is awarded for outstanding dissertation projects with the potential to reach target groups outside the scientific community and to achieve social, cultural or economic added value.

Sarah Zloklikovits is a physics educational researcher at the Austrian Competence Centre for Physics at the University of Vienna and student of the VDSP. She is currently working on her dissertation on teaching electromagnetic radiation in middle school under guidance of her supervisor Martin Hopf. The Impact Award is an opportunity for her to impart basic knowledge about electromagnetic radiation to people outside from school. She hopes to clear up typical misconceptions about electromagnetic radiation.

Winners of the Impact.Award 2021:

Sarah Zloklikovits:

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