From Particle Physics to Precision Technology - Careers outside academia

16.11.2018 16:23

Join the fourth part of the lecture course “Science Career Development II – translating your research into practice”!

Prof. Walter Grimus | Particle Physics, University of Vienna

In the last 20 years, neutrino oscillations have been the main source for increasing our knowledge of neutrinos. After introducing the basic notions of flavour neutrino states and neutrino mass eigenstates, I will explain what one would like to know about these elusive particles and how neutrino oscillations contribute to this knowledge. I will also present an elementary derivation of neutrino oscillation probabilities.


Dr. Patrick Ludl | Precision Technology, Germany

After finishing my PhD in theoretical particle physics at the University of Vienna, I had three Postdoc positions in three different locations in Europe. Today, I work as a physicist in the research department of a company producing high-precision length and angle measurement devices. In my talk I will present some details about my career path and will discuss the differences and similarities of academic and industrial research.