Retreat 2018

Our trip to Kranabethhütte, Feuerkogel/Upper Austria between 28 Feb and 3 March 2018 included: 

  • An extensive workshop on 3D animation software Blender, which is an open, free software tool to create graphics from simple 2D to animated full movies. Certified Blender trainers started out with an introductory course for beginners and guided the students to realize their own research related ideas. 
  • Team building event(s): Snow shoe hiking, skiing and sledging.

Retreat 2017

The trip to Kranabethhütte, Feuerkogel / Upper Austria, from  9 to 12 of February 2017 included: 

  • An extensive Arduino Workshop with certified Arduino trainers. The training focused on different elements  during three days: Arduino boards, Arduino IDE, Blink - Arduino's first program, Blink variables, PWM, Digital Input, Logical Conditions: if( ), while( ), Analogical Input: light and temperature, Sensors and actuators, Control bigger leds with Mosfets OR servo motor, Smoothing: sensor filtering techniques, Serial communication, concluding with an own project. 
  • Team building event(s): Snow shoe hiking, skiing and an evening hike.