Interscience Symposium (Sept. 2017)

On September 14- 15th 2017, the Festive Hall of the University of Vienna provided the framework for the first joint conference of the four Vienna Doctoral Schools (VDSs): “Cognition, Behaviour and Neuroscience (CoBeNe)”, “Mathematics”, “Molecules of Life (MoL)” and “Physics”.

This Interdisciplinary Symposium covered modern trends in Physics, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, and Cognitive Sciences. World-leading scientists were selected and hosted by the fellows and discussed aspects of their influential work. This was preceded or followed by short talks held by students.

Apart from the scientific talks to the interdisciplinary student community discussions with the students, after the talks as well as in dedicated sessions, focussed on topics on science, outreach and career development. The speakers:

  • Seth LLOYD, Professor at the MIT MechE - MIT department of Mechanical Engineering (VDS Physics)
  • Pierre-Louis LIONS, Professor at the Collège de France (VDS Mathematics)
  • Thomas D. POLLARD, M.D., Sterling Professor of MCDB at Yale University (VDS Molecules of Life)
  • Asya ROLLS, ass. Professor at Technion- Israel Institute of Technology (VDS CoBeNe)

The event was organised by VDSP members: Michael KELLER and Lisa WEISS in collaboration with fellows of the VDS CoBeNe, VDS Mathematics, VDS Molecules of Life.

Please follow this link to a summary of the contributions by the international guest speakers and by the fellows of the Vienna Doctoral Schools including some images from the symposium "Interscience".