Benefits of VDSP students

VDS students at the University of Vienna are embedded in well-funded research projects in 

  • Fundamental science supported in numerous excellence research grants by the ERC, FWF, EU and private foundations.  
  • Modern technology and development supported by numerous projects funded by the FFG, Christian Doppler Society or European Innovation Council. Many of these projects are supported by Austrian or international industry leaders.

VDS students ... 

  • pay no tuition fee if they are employed with the University.
  • are almost all employed (> 90% of them), including social security and health insurance.
  • live in one of the most liveable cities in the world.   
  • are integrated in a thriving community of motivated and bright peers
  • are invited to shape our research and training programme.
  • contribute to the planning and realization of VDSP activities.

VDSP promotes and supports ...

  • interdisciplinary exchange by advanced courses.
  • career development in coaching days.
  • mobility via mobility grants for conference attendance and secondments to top research institutions around the world or to the private sector.
  • dissemination and communication of VDS research.