Machine Learning in Physics

VDSP-ESI Winter School 2020

Monday, 10 Feb 2020 - Thursday, 20 Feb 2020
Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

Machine learning is currently changing science and technology, including physics. 

We invite Master and PhD students of physics, chemistry and materials science as well as early postdocs from all over the world to join us for keynote talks by leading experts in the field which will be complemented by hands-on class activities.

The Winter School will provide them with a better understanding of fundamental concepts and practical applications of machine learning as well as skills to develop and apply this technique to concrete research tasks.

Invited Speakers

Week 1

10-11 Feb

Introduction to Machine Learning

Philipp Grohs (University of Vienna, AT)

Marylou Gabrié (New York University, USA)

14 Feb

Case Studies & Discussion

Torsten Möller (University of Vienna, AT)

Lucia Santamaria (Amazon, DE)

Peter Wirnsberger (DeepMind, UK) 

Stefan Thurner (MedUni Vienna & CSH Vienna, AT)

Cameron Buckner (University of Houston, US) 

12-13 Feb

Machine Learning in Materials Science

Jörg Behler (Göttingen, DE)

Michele Ceriotti (EPFL, CH)

14 Feb

AI Start-Ups Lunch

Patrick Blies (EnliteAI)

Jason Hölscher-Obermaier (ondewo)

Valentin Stauber (

Paul Tiwald (Mostly AI)

Week 2

17-18 Feb

Machine Learning in Quantum Science

Florian Marquardt (MPI Erlangen, DE)

Hans Briegel (U Innsbruck, AT)

19-20 Feb

Machine Learning in Particle Physics

Wolfgang Waltenberger (HEPHY, AT)

Gregor Kasieczka (Hamburg University, DE)

Participants are encouraged to attend all modules.


In order to enable intensive interactions between students and speakers the number of attendees is limited. 

There is no registration fee.

We will support a small number of postgraduate students who otherwise would not be able to attend the winter school with a per diem.

Application deadline 24 November 2019
Notification on acceptance 9 December 2019
Notification on allocation of student support 9 December 2019


Please note that this is a public event. We reserve the right to take pictures for the purpose of publishing impressions of the event on the website. If you do not want to be in a picture please approach the organizers of the VDSP-ESI Winter School anytime.


The Winter School "Machine Learning in Physics" is organised jointly by the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDSP) and the Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics (ESI). It is co-financed by the Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS) and the Doctoral College Particles and Interactions (DKPI).

Organizing Committee:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Arndt

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Dellago

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Procura, Privatdoz.

Dr. Christiane Maria Losert-Valiente Kroon