Science Animation Competition at the VDS-P Summer School 2018


Congratulations to the winners of the VDS-P Science Animation Competition!

The winning team:  

  • De Llano, Elisa (AIT)
  • Ventura Rosales, Ivonne (Faculty of Physics, UNIVIE)
  • Kriegesmann, Julia (Institute for Biological Chemistry, UNVIE)

Animation script "Self-Assembly of Fish"

Abstract: What comes to your mind when you hear „self-assembly"? Which example in nature have you noticed? Elisa, Ivonne and Julia present in an easy example, how self-assembly systems function with the help of small fish in one aquarium. Also two short examples about this exciting research on self-assembly structures will be shown.

The animation video will be realized by Barcelona based visual studio "Aloop"

The other runner ups in the contest: 

  • "The hidden Universe"
    Augustin, Ramona: European Southern Observatory (ESO) / Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) Varga, Tamas: Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  • "The big bed theory - Seeing the world as a child: Demolishing prejudices to get to the foundations"
    Magrini, Lorenzo: University of Vienna
    Cardelli, Chiara: University of Vienna
  • "The painter leopard"
    Amabile, Roberto: Ruhr-Universität Bochum