About Vienna

Its University and Faculty of Physics


The city of Vienna lies at the geographical heart of Europe. It regularly tops the Quality of Living Rankings and offers a rich cultural programme.

Founded in 1365, the University of Vienna, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. It is Alma Mater to more than 90.000 students amd 10.000 staff members today.

The first Faculty of Physics was headed by Christian Doppler and many famous reserachers studied, worked and taught here: Josef Loschmidt, Josef Stefan, Ernst Mach, Ludwig Boltzmann, Lise Meitner, Victor Franz Hess, Erwin Schrödinger and Hans Thirring. Our faculty is connected to a large number of leading institutions world-wide and has been awarded many prestigious research grants.

FAQ on Living in Vienna

What does Vienna offer?
Vienna is famous for its music, art and pastries. With almost 200.000 students and 1.9 million inhabitants, Vienna has also much more to offer. While the excellent public transport and the extensive bike roads make it easy to reach every spot in the city, it is also really cheap to just live close to the first district and the university. All this contributes to Vienna being consistently ranked one of the most livable cities in the world. If you’ve had enough of the city, the airport, which is the operating centre for both Austrian Airlines and Easyjet in Europe, can easily be reached by public transport. Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Zagreb and Munich are only a few of the cities that can be reached in less than 4 hours by train, bus or car, and the Alps are also only a short car or train-ride away. Our annual winter-retreat in the alps is also a good opportunity to meet fellow doctoral-students and learn or practice skiing.

Is it expensive to live in Vienna?
For a metropolis of the size of Vienna, it is surprisingly cheap to live in Vienna. Compared to most German or Swiss student cities, housing is rather cheap and easy to find - even close to the first district. Its status as one of the largest Student-cities in central Europe makes it easy to find events and activities that are also affordable if one wants to save their money.
Did you already know that Vienna has been ranked the most liveable city in the world? See for yourself: BBC news article & Global Liveability Ranking.
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