Physics at the University of Vienna


What is unique about the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna?
Which modern research focuses does the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna offer?

Benefits of joining the VDS-P


What are the advantages of joining the VDS-Physics?
What does TAC mean?
Can I attend international conferences?
How can I obtain expertise of an international researcher?
What connects me to the other VDS-P fellows?

Entrance into the VDS-P


Do I have to be a PhD student at the University of Vienna to join the Vienna Doctoral School in Physics (VDS-P)?
Is being a member of VDSP a prerequisite for becoming a PhD student at the University of Vienna?
Will I be eligible for VDS-P?
Which deadlines do I need to respect?
What is the working language? Do I need any language certificate?
How much German will I need, and how will VDS-P support me in learning it?

The PhD studies in general


How long does the doctoral study at the Faculty of Physics take?
What is the scientific standard at the Faculty of Physics?
How is the doctoral study graded?
Which steps do I have to complete to obtain my degree?
How many courses do I have to attend?
Do I have to teach, and if so, how much?
What is the mentoring like?

Job conditions and practicalities


What would my salary be?
How many days of paid vacation will I get?
Can my contract be prolonged if I do not finish on time?
What happens when I quit my PhD?
Which services are available to reconcile work and family life?

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