Current open PhD projects

The research in the VDSP covers a wide range of topical experimental, theoretical and computational projects. Explore your options in the list of current open positions.


Molecular Quantum Optics & Quantum Nanophysics: Markus Arndt
Non-equilibrium phenomena in soft matter: Roberto Cerbino
Coarse-grained modelling of liquid-liquid phase separation in cells: Sofia Kantorovich
Nanostructured and novel materials: Jani Kotakoski
Hydrodynamics of active polymers: Christos Likos
Structure and Dynamics of Soft Matter under Confinement: Markus Mezger
Electronic properties of materials: Thomas Pichler
Quantum Information and Quantum Many-Body Physics: Norbert Schuch
Single-atom manipulation: Toma Susi
Quantum Information Science and Quantum Computation: Philip Walther

All PhD positions listed on this site are funded projects. The duration of the employment contract as well as potential teaching obligations/opportunities may vary depending on the source of funding. In any case, employment contracts include social benefits. 

Please see the FAQs for further information. Details on the specifics of the project conditions can be explored with your potential supervisor in personal exchange.

As incomplete applications cannot be considered, please make sure that your application complies with the guidelines stated in the admission procedure

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