Machine Learning in Physics

Case Studies & Discussion

Friday, 14 February 2020
Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna
Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Vienna
Christian-Doppler lecture hall, 3rd floor



09:00 Learning Science from Data – Plenary Talks

Torsten Möller - Head of the Research Platform Data Science & Head of the Research Group Visualization and Data Analysis at the University of Vienna

Peter Wirnsberger - Research Scientist at DeepMind

Stefan Thurner - President of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna & Chair of the Section for Science of Complex Systems at the Medical University of Vienna


12:30 Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups – Flash Talks and World Café

Patrick Blies - AI Research Engineer at EnliteAI

Jason Hölscher-Obermaier - VP R&D at ONDEWO

Valentin Stauber – Senior Research Engineer at

Paul Tiwald - Senior Data Scientist at Mostly AI

14:30 Is model transparency good or bad for scientific applications of deep learning? – Plenary Talk

Cameron Buckner – Professor at the Philosophy Department, University of Houston


15:30 Panel Discussion with plenary speakers

This public event is part of the VDSP-ESI Winter School 2020 “Machine Learning in Physics”.

Attendance of the day is free of charge and without registration.