Thursday, 5 July 2018

Opportunities outside academia

The job market in the private sector, NGOs and beyond


09:00h - 09:15Welcome & Introduction to the day
09:15h - 11:00h

Case Studies

  1. "Activities at ICTP in support of sustainable development" (Joseph Niemela, ICTP Trieste, Italy)
  2. "The Science4People Project, Scientific Dissemination in
    Palestine" (Barbara Capone, Sunshine4People & University of Roma Tre, Italy)
  3. "Working at IMS Nanofabrication, the technology leader in e-beam lithography" (Mathias Tomandl, IMS Nanofabrication, Austria)
  4. "Working for a high tech semiconductor company" (Claudia Keller, Infineon Technologies AG Munich, Germany)
  5. "Serving in a world of products" (Michel Herquet, B12 Consulting, Belgium)
11:00h - 11:30hCoffee Break
11:30h - 12:30hPanel Discussion - Personal Stories (Joseph Niemela, ICTP Trieste, Italy; Barbara Capone, Sunshine4People & University of Roma Tre, Italy; Mathias Tomandl, IMS Nanofabrication, Austria; Claudia Keller, Infineon Technologies AG Munich, Germany; Michel Herquet, B12 Consulting, Belgium)
12:30h - 13:45hLunch Break & travel to the United Nations office 

Excursion - guided tour and specialized talks

  1. United Nations Office Vienna - UNOV
  2. Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization - CTBTO