VDS Meets ...

Discussion on Space engineering in the 2019 VDS Meets Space event

VDSP students engage with high-profile decision-makers and innovators of other fields of science, the private sector, politics or arts at the annual discussion forum VDS Meets... This event enables exchange in a casual atmosphere, shaped by and for the VDS Physics students to raise awareness for societal challenges and opportunities.

It is jointly organized, attended and moderated by students of the VDSP and the Vienna School of Mathematics.

In November 2019, members of the VDS Physics and the Vienna School of Mathematics had the opportunity to discuss the broad topic of sports from a mathematical and physical point of view with experts in sports analytics.
For short talks and the panel discussion we invited:

  • Maria Angonese, Sports Data Scientist
  • PD Dr. phil. habil. Daniel Link, Researcher at the Chair of Training Science and Computer Science in Sports, TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences, Technical University of Munich

Local organizers:
Gianluca Favre (VSM), Yaakov Fein (VDSP), Valeria Milotti (VDSP), Michael Sedlmayer (VSM) and Katharina Werbach (VDSP)