Science Day

The Science Day is a networking opportunity for all members of the Faculty of Physics.

Twice per year, VDSP students introduce their peers to their research area as a whole and to their particular research projects. These presentations are complemented by talks of selected renowned international researchers who are leading experts in their fields.

In December 2019, the very first Science Day took place in the Sky Lounge, OMP.

Our students Gregor Leuthner (Physics of Nanostructured Materials), Raffaele Silvestri (Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information) and Marilena Teri (Aerosol Physics and Environmental Physics) organized the event and contributed with presentations about their doctoral projects:

  • Chemistry in the electron microscope (Gregor Leuthner)
  • Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics: experimental tests at their interface (Raffaele Silvestri)
  • Basics and examples of Aerosol Optics (Marilena Teri)

Those presentations were accompanied by talks of our invited guests: