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On 15 July 2019, the NASA DC-8 took off for the first FIREX-AQ test flight. Max Dollner from the UniVie CARE-team operated the new instrumentation...


On the 17th of May the VDS-P fellows traveled to the Styrian state capital Graz to visit Anton Paar.


Physicists develop new strategy to separate molecules


The research of Georg Zagler has been highlighted in a video as part of the University of Vienna's online "PhD Corner".


Newly launched YouTube channel of the Walther group


Our VDS Team had an adventurous retreat on Feuerkogel/Ebensee from 14-17.3.2019. While the winter storm surprised us quite a bit, the Arduino Sensor...

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Photos in banner by Joseph Krpelan and Barbara Mair ©University of Vienna