Demonstration of measurement-only blind quantum computing

Authors/others:Greganti, Chiara; Röhsner, Marie-Christine; Barz, Stefanie; Tomoyuki, Morimae (Gunma University); Walther, Philip
Abstract:Blind quantum computing allows for secure cloud networks of quasi-classical clients and a fully fledged quantum server. Recently, a new protocol has been proposed, which requires a client to perform only measurements. We demonstrate a proof-of-principle implementation of this measurement-only blind quantum computing, exploiting a photonic setup to generate four-qubit cluster states for computation and verification. Feasible technological requirements for the client and the device-independent blindness make this scheme very applicable for future secure quantum networks.
Number of pages:7
Date of publication:8.1.2016
Journal title:New Journal of Physics
Peer reviewed:true
Publication Type:Article