A Green's function approach to modeling molecular diffraction in the limit of ultra-thin gratings

Authors/others:Brand, Christian; Fiedler, Johannes (Universität Rostock); Juffmann, Thomas (Stanford University); Sclafani, Michele (ICFO Inst Ciences Foton); Knobloch, Christian; Scheel, Stefan (Universität Rostock); Lilach, Yigal (Tel Aviv University); Cheshnovsky, Ori (Tel Aviv University); Arndt, Markus
Abstract:In recent years, matter-wave diffraction at nano-mechanical structures has been used by several research groups to explore the quantum nature of atoms and molecules, to prove the existence of weakly bound molecules or to explore atom-surface interactions with high sensitivity. The particles' Casimir-Polder interaction with the diffraction grating leads to significant changes in the amplitude distribution of the diffraction pattern. This becomes particularly intriguing in the thin-grating limit, i.e. when the size of a complex molecule becomes comparable with the grating thickness and its rotation period comparable to the transit time through the mask. Here we analyze the predictive power of a Green's function scattering model and the constraints imposed by the finite control over real-world experimental factors on the nanoscale.
Number of pages:12
Date of publication:10.2015
Journal title:Annalen der Physik
Peer reviewed:true
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/andp.201500214
Publication Type:Article