VDS Retreat 2017

09.02.2017 11:00 - 12.02.2017 18:00

The first retreat for the VDS fellows took place in the Kranabethütte. A hut located in Upperaustria, 1530m above see-level.


Location: Kranabethütte, Feuerkogel, Upper Austria

Timeframe: 9 - 12 February 

The trip included: 

  • An extensive Arduino Workshop with certified Arduino trainers. The training focused on different elements spread out during three days: Arduino boards, Arduino IDE, Blink - Arduino's first program, Blink variables, PWM, Digital Input, Logical Conditions: if( ), while( ), Analogical Input: light and temperature, Sensors and actuators, Control bigger leds with Mosfets OR servo motor, Smoothing: sensor filtering techniques, Serial communication, concluding with an own project. 
  • Team building event(s) - Snow shoe hiking or Skiing and a hike in the evening.