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24.04.2017 17:00

On the 24th of April the next VPC will take place with guest speaker Quentin Ramasse, director of the SuperSTEM laboratory and Associate Professor at...


[Walther group] VDS fellows Giulia Rubino and Jonas Zeuner published their article on "Experimental Verification of an Indefinite Causal Order" in the...


[Peterlik Group] VDS fellow Katharina Prochazka and Gero Vogl from the University of Vienna have studied why language shift happens using the example...


This one-day workshop focuses on honing the skills and mastering the techniques to visualize experimental set-ups and facilities and research results...

09.02.2017 11:00

The first retreat for the VDS fellows took place in the Kranabethütte. A hut located in Upperaustria, 1530m above see-level.


01.02.2017 08:30

On the 1st of February a group of 11 VDS fellows will travel to Munich for a museum guided tour and business visit!

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 VDS Physics

The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics, VDS Physics, offers internationally competitive doctoral training across the key research areas of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna

In 2016 UniPhyDocs was granted by the Rectorate of the University of Vienna to unify best practice models into a common frame work for the selection, training, monitoring and mentoring of the most promising young scientist in our fields.

In the VDS Physics we strive to generate added value by bringing together bright minds from complementary fields. 

The VDS faculty unites those research group leaders who are committed to excellence in research and to fostering the growth of research personalities, also by offering paid research opportunities in this program.  

The VDS fellows are selected according to their academic excellence, scientific achievements, expected potential for future research as well as their commitment to contribute to the scientific goals and the student driven activities in the school, independent of gender, race, religion or nationality. Doctoral fellows admitted to the VDS Physics have a regular employment at the University of Vienna. The VDS Physics will also provide support for travel, networking and soft skill Trainings.

Photos in banner by Joseph Krpelan and Barbara Mair ©University of Vienna